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Work from Anywhere, Doing What you Love.

The team has worked fully remote since 2012. Now it’s a trend, but it wasn’t a few years ago.

It’s part of our DNA.

Careers at sendXmail


The only way to have a fully remote team with an asynchronous work environment is by trusting each other.

You’ll feel empowered to do your best work, helped by like-minded colleagues to achieve the same goal.

The common goal is to provide an outstanding experience to our clients, not to punch the clock, so there’s no working hours scrutiny. If you find a way to do your job in fewer hours, you are free to do whatever you like.

Wait! You’re going to say that it also means that there’s no limit for working hours. Yes, there is!

We respect the limit of 40 working hours a week, but this amount of hours rarely happens.

sendXmail was born in 2012 to solve businesses that wanted to drive the best results with Email Marketing.

Since then, we have added a few more solutions under our belt, including integrating other channels into a real marketing automation experience.

Now, we have professionals working literally around the world to provide the best email marketing and automation services to our top brand clients. You can check out more about us here.

We consider ourselves an eclectic group of people with different backgrounds, beliefs and hobbies. Maybe that’s why we work so well together. Everyone trusts and respects each other and has a real voice.

The aim is not to become a massive team with thousands of people. For that, there are already a bunch of companies in that space.

We like to see ourselves as a boutique agency to help you achieve remarkable email marketing and automation results. This is it!


We strongly believe that diversity is critical to keep our team thriving.

We accept people of all ages, genders, beliefs, backgrounds and… provenance.

However, to be approved by the rest of the group, there are fundamental values, you need to share with us.

You need to respect everyone’s opinions, voice, work and beliefs.

You need to be open to understand that you don’t know everything. We all can learn from each other (clients included).

In a remote environment, it is vital to trust that we’re going to produce the work we promised. There’s no one watching if you’re working or not. You’re responsible for delivering results, though.

Most of our work needs strong ownership from each member of our team.

Finally, it’s crucial we can separate and balance our personal life with the professional one. Sometimes they mix, primarily when we work remotely. But keeping a very balanced life is paramount for everyone.

Join us at sendXmail. Even though we like to represent ourselves as a company based in Lisbon, Portugal, sendXmail is entirely remote, which means that you can work from anywhere.

Do you prefer to work from a co-working space? We can help you with that.

You’re more of a stay-at-home kind of a person; then, we can help setting up your working space as well.

We believe that if you’re happy working with us, it will reflect in the quality of work that you deliver and everyone will benefit as well. Weird concept, we know. But we like to work this way.


Equal Pay

At sendXmail we pay the same salary to the same position. It’s based on your skills and experience. Other than that, we don’t discriminate. Not even, if you’re working from a lower income country.

Work From Where You Want

You can work from wherever country, city or village you want. The only thing we ask is that it must have a good internet connection and deliver the work requested on schedule. We also support your work conditions.

Vacation & Paid Holidays

At sendXmail, we pay for one month vacation and holidays every year. But if you need extra time to relax or for a personal project, it’s a matter of discussing it with the HR team. The main goal is for you to return totally refreshed.

Health & Work Insurance

At sendXmail we pay for your health and work insurance. This way, you’ll be fully protected even if something unexpected happens. It’s important to keep your peace of mind at all times.

Hardware & Software

Whatever the hardware or software you may need to get your job done, we’ll provide the necessary equipment and resources. It’s only fair to give you the tools you need to complete the job asked.

Paid Classes

At sendXmail, we pay for your education in new skills or complement your studies in a particular class that you wish. It’s essential to keep you updated on the latest technology, knowledge or skills to compete in the market.


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