Does B2B Email Marketing Still Impacts Key People?


The short answer is: YES. Key people in B2B organizations still open, click and convert using Email Marketing.

The long answer is: YES, but you need to do it right.

Check how to Impact B2B Key People with Email Marketing

1. First, you need to have the Right People on your B2B Email Marketing List

It means that those key people you’re targeting need to subscribe to your list.

The way you attract them is essential for the outcome you’re aiming for. It would be best to use a good marketing strategy to collect the right audience for your B2B Email Marketing List.

Here are just a few tactics you may want to use:

  • Content Marketing – Create strategic pieces of content to drive the right traffic into your list.
  • Invite your Present Client List – Usually, you already have a client list—so why don’t you ask them to join in?
  • Make Partnerships – Search for Brands with similar audiences and make them a proposition or even a campaign to promote your B2B Email Marketing List.
  • Advertise it – Accurately target your ads for the audience you wish to acquire and promote your Newsletter.
  • Social – Use your network advantage and create shareable moments.
  • Referral / Affiliate Program – Pay only per subscriber on your B2B Email Marketing Newsletter.


These are just a few examples. There’s so much more you can also do to collect all these potential customers into your Email Marketing campaign. However, you must keep one important thing in mind: Have the Right People.

To have the right people is halfway there to have the necessary return on your investment. Therefore, having the right people on your list will create better engagement, sender reputation, and more.

2. Second, you need to have them Segmented by:

Sector, interest, source, campaign, etc. Have an email marketing software that “learns” (or registers) what they click or show interest on. This way, you can use that information to improve the following emails to be sent.

Create intelligent segments or filters to make the most of your B2B Email Marketing list. Filters that can constantly be evolving and improving at each email sent. This is key to sending personalized emails based on their interests and other data.

This point is critical for you to do the next one. 😉

3. Third, send them RELEVANT Email Marketing

Use that information gathered in segments to send them Relevant Messages. And I mean relevant for THEM. Not what you think they might find relevant.

Based on what they’ve clicked on, their source, the campaign that converted them into subscribers. Everything counts for you to customize an email that will be all tailored for that particular person.

In B2B Email Marketing, we usually focus on what we’re offering. Our product. Our service. What we have to sell them. However, the focus should be on what makes sense to them. Solve the problem.

4. Fourth, focus on providing VALUE

Not on your product. Give them value first. For instance, show your solution as something from where they will get better results for their business. If you don’t know how to demonstrate how they will get better results with your service, product or solution, don’t even bother to send them a thing. Saying in the message that they will have better results doesn’t count. 😉

As mentioned in the previous point, solve a problem. If you can do that, your branding comes as aftermath.

Check this video below as an example of a very dull company being creative in content. Any person will be interested in this insight. The brand comes as an aftermath of goodwill, reputation and the notion that it is always ahead of the competition.

5. Fifth, keep it short

Again, this is all about them. They don’t need to read everything about your company on that email. Make it clear, concise and short. Don’t use two paragraphs to say the same thing.

Also, pictures sometimes speak more than a thousand words. So use them appropriately.

Keep in mind that Email Marketing business accounts block images by default. So, you must use a good ALT name to substitute the image itself temporarily. The content should be enough for them to explore more and get the juice you’re delivering.

ALT Image Attribute

Second Image ALT Attribute

Third ALT Image Attribute

6. Sixth, make it easy to enrol, take action

Humm… I guess this is quite self-explanatory, right? However, let’s explore a bit more since it seems that most businesses fail to do so.

Here’s a slight hint. If you’ve done your work in the first place, everyone willing to subscribe to your Email Marketing Newsletter is from your target crowd. It means that you benefit from making it easier for them.

Ask for the minimum amount of data first. You can always ask for more in the future in small batches. For instance, you can ask for additional topics on the thank you page. The first thing you must remember is to ease the enrollment process.

7. Seventh, Respect them.

Respect their time, their needs, their trust.

Obviously that there are many nuances and strategies to accomplish this. It’s not a recipe since no business and people are the same. However, if you deliver RELEVANT emails to your audience, the outcome is very positive.

If you see your effort of opening a brand’s email, scroll the first paragraph and get immediate value, you’ll reward that brand with more engagement. The subsequent emails will be more likely to be opened, clicked on or even referred to a friend.

It’s Marketing basics. They also apply to B2B Email Marketing as well. After all, you’re talking to people to make decisions in each business. It’s not a robot who decides—yet!

How about you? Do you have any experience you would like to share? If you want to enrol on our Email Newsletter and see the process in action, please, do so here. Thank you!