How to Define Your Email Marketing Goals ?


Email Marketing Goals can be easy or terribly hard to define. It depends on what you want to accomplish for your particular business.

However, we’re going to give you a roundup of Email Marketing Goals and definitions to make it easier for you.

We must divide these definitions into different business-oriented goals as well.

Email Marketing Goals as a Channel

Email Marketing can be your best channel under your digital marketing strategy—no doubt about it.

However, to have a stone-cold idea about all of what you can accomplish with Email Marketing, it’s best to split it into main categories.

Notoriety or Branding

It’s one of those invaluable tools to make your brand shine to a targeted audience. It’s a direct channel to their inboxes where you can share your brand’s values, services/products and market differentiators.

Imagine having a direct line without gatekeepers in your customer’s eyes. Then you can share company updates, new product developments, etc.

Acciona Email Design


It’s also a great way to keep your brand in your audience’s minds. To be on top of mind is key to when they decide to go to market.

If you create a drip-message strategy, you can nurture your audience with your fundamental values while it’s not overwhelming for them to digest as one of the Email Marketing goals.

Loyalty as one of the Email Marketing Goals

You can personalise your particular loyalty strategies to achieve the best customer retention like any other direct channel.

From contests to exclusive promos and benefits, you can engage with your customer audience in a way that will make them stay. Not only that, you can make them your brand advocates.

Loyalty as an Email Marketing Goal

Within this strategy, you must focus on what you’re providing to these individuals that it’s better than to the general audience.

If you offer the same thing to everyone, they won’t feel special. As a personalised and direct channel, Email Marketing is paramount to creating a sense of exclusivity and community.

New Customers and Lead Acquisition

Are you the only one that hasn’t received an email marketing pitch to do some action to get a benefit? If so, our applause for that accomplishment. 👏👏


One of the clear Email Marketing Goals is to provide an excellent conversion channel. It means that you can leverage a member-get-member approach or even try to promote your word of mouth effect.

However, you can use this channel to find Email Marketing partners who have your targeted audience. You can pitch them a promo email and collect the new leads into a form or even to your regular newsletter. Please, avoid buying external lists to do so. You can pay them to send to their lists, though.

Appsumo Pitch Email Marketing Goals

This example of AppSumo is really cool since they have an extensive email list, and they use it to promote other their partners’ exclusive deals. Find niche partners like these and use them to get more potential customers to your brand.

Engaging Your Audience

Email Marketing is one of those channels that allows you to engage with your audience in ways that others may find challenging. You can personalise your message with personal information like the name and other information collected upon the subscription. For instance, you can customise it with data that you tracked on your product or service from them.

In this Pinterest example, you can see how they use the data they have on you to make you take action and come back.

Pinterest Example of Email Marketing Personalization

Under your Email Marketing Goals, it’s to have your audience engaging with your messages and making them take some action. It depends on your objective at the time: return to the site, cart abandonment, branding, subscribe to something… whatever the goals, you can get it through.

Increase Sales as one of your Email Marketing Goals

If Email Marketing is one of the best digital conversion channels, one of the things that makes it the best is to increase sales. It’s a direct marketing channel like in the traditional sense.

If you have a properly segmented database where you can see the subscriber’s stage in the buying process, you can use it to activate the sale.

It’s one of the best channels to communicate an immediate sale discount or limited time advantage. Imagine the Black Friday sale rampage or the Black Week. Email is vital to reach the most considerable amount of people under your audience with a special promo.

Pestana Black Friday

Don’t forget that an email is also a great tool for upsells and Cross-sells. Since they’re already on your list, see what fits them to give them what they want under your line of products or services.

You can define it as one of your Email Marketing Goals to sell 2% more in a particular year period. You have the tools for it. 💪 🤑

Surveys and Market Research

Can you imagine a better way to know if you’re delivering what the market requires? As one of your Email Marketing Goals, you can use part of your messages to do specific surveys and see what sticks with them or not. If what you think about your service or product is getting the correct feedback from your customers or not.

However, surveys and asking them to take some sort of action is not the only way for you to have answers. One possible tactic can be to monitor your previous emails sent and check whether they click or not.

Imagine that you have two different approaches to a product that you’re launching. You can send an A/B test to a split audience and see which has better performance. That may define what you should apply to the other channels or even offline.

Email Survey

After doing A/B testing with their email database, one of our customers even defined what claim they should use in a product launch for the entire online/offline marketing strategy after doing A/B testing with their email database.

Other not so Obvious Email Marketing Goals

We usually see these Email Marketing Goals associated just with Mass emailing. However, Marketing is used in single email messages as well. Mainly when triggered by automatic strategies. Here are only a few that pops to mind.

Appointment Reminders

How many times did we go to a meeting or conference call, and someone just forgot about it? A simple way to alert everyone involved is by a simple email reminder.

But we can also use that email reminder as another opportunity to send a simple text snippet or CTA. It can be your best content or information related to what you’re going to talk about.

Meetup Calendar example

Tracking Purchases Information

Have you ever purchased an item online? The thing that most frustration will arise is not knowing where your package is at some point. Having tracking link information for you to follow your order is one of those things that you can welcome.

The thing is: you can add subtle marketing content to those messages as well. If they’re happy with your service, they might purchase from you again. Check this out of your Email Marketing Goals.

Order Tracking example


Have you thought about asking your customers to do a review of your product or service? One of your Email Marketing Goals should be to use this channel to engage your audience and ask them. If they do a review, you can use that leverage as referrals of your solutions.

Anyone will be more interested in buying from you if they see social proof that you’re delivering what they’re asking for. Also, for every people that do a review, their friends and associates will be more willing to buy since it’s from someone they know.

You can see an example from that same OnePlus email above.

Corporate Information and Statements

What better way to share important information than by email? When you need to declare privacy policy or terms and conditions changes statements, for example. Or you need to make a company’s statement about a product recall or official announcement about a subject. Email is your best channel to reach out with the necessary information and links to make it work.

AdRoll Statement Example

Product Launches

Do you imagine a better way to let your audience know that you’re launching a new product? Whenever Apple is launching a new iPhone, its email list is one of the first channels to be activated.

It will activate interest and generate the necessary traction to your launch page.

Apple Launch


You usually create events to showcase your products or services, right? Well, email invites to an audience is a great way to get them to show up. Not only that, but it’s also a great excuse to make them take action on what interests you the most.

Since you’re tracking everything, you can follow up afterwards according to their activity—gentle reminders of the date, other helpful information, etc. It’s one of the most powerful Email Marketing Goals you can think of to take advantage of.

Email Marketing Goals with Invite Example

Customer Service

Do you love to go through an automated answering machine that filters your phone support calls? “For technical support, please press 2, for commercial purposes, please press 3…”

Customer Service is also one of the most significant Email Marketing Goals. It’s a way to let your customers describe their questions in full and without that pressure to answer immediately. However, please don’t overdo it as well.

What are your Email Marketing Goals?

These are just a few of those general Email Marketing Goals. Each business has its own.

For instance, in our case, as an Email Marketing company, we use it a lot. However, our main Email Marketing Goals reside in providing a good source of education in this subject and giving a clear, direct channel to reach out to our team.

And if you want to exchange ideas or ask direct questions to our team, we’re also available at [email protected] or using our contact form.

Either way, we’re always available for you.

Tell us, please. What are your Email Marketing Goals for your business?

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