Official Inbox Expo 2021 Ambassador


If you’re into Email Marketing, you may already know about THE email summit that is the 2021 Netcore Inbox Expo from emailexpert.

It’s arguably one of the most important email marketing summits of the world to happen this year. It’s packed with Industry Leaders and more than 50 hours of content delivered over four days.

Does this make you excited? If you care about Email Marketing, it should have. One of the best things about the Inbox Expo is the networking opportunity. You can mingle with like-minded people to talk about the topics that you’re passionate about.

Get to know Inbox Expo 2021 a little better.

The Inbox Expo was a concept developed by Nailya Mukhamedzhanova (aka Nely Bonar) and Andrew Suroor Bonar. This Inbox Expo is not their first rodeo. Since 2014 they’ve been developing many small email geek events until the circumstances were ideal to launch this major email marketing event in 2021.

The Speakers Line-up is incredible.

If you’re an email marketing geek, you must already know names like Dela Quist, Alice Cornell, Jenna Tifanny, among so many others. Well, they’ll all going to be present, the same as the other 50 amazing speakers.

If you think that you’re going to see the usual streaming webinar event, you might need to rethink your concept of this Inbox Expo. The speakers will present the event’s first two days from a LIVE stage in London with a professional camera crew filming focusing on people and not powerpoints.

Our team is here to support you

Let's face it; we can't do everything ourselves. Sometimes we need to ask for support from field experts.

Hybrid Event and Networking Environment

About 75% of the Inbox Expo will be presented live before an actual conference audience. The new version of Hopin will allow delegate networking, interaction with speakers, submitting questions, and making new connections.

With group sessions, you can interact with all participants and engage directly in some workshops. Not only that, but you’ll be able to have unmoderated group breakouts, random speed-networking and 1-to-1 break out time when requested.

Different Time Zones

Since Inbox Expo is a worldwide virtual access event, maybe you can’t watch some of the slots in real-time, depending on your time zone. If that’s the case, you can see the video recordings with an All-Access Pass.

The event starts at 8 PM UTC on Sunday the 21st of March 2021, and plenty of speaking slots and events will be distributed by other time zones to make sure that everybody can enjoy the much as possible of this Inbox Expo.

Inbox Expo Tickets and Conditions

If you want to save money, hurry up and get your All-Access VIP Pass ticket while it’s in Flash Sale. Or, if you’re going to enjoy the show, you can get the Early Bird Standard Entry as well. However, it will end soon.

Why the support to Inbox Expo 2021?

We’re email geeks ourselves and passionate about email marketing, of course. Besides, I’m an official Ambassador for Inbox Expo 2021. If we want the best for our email marketing market, we need to support this kind of initiative.

Inbox Expo 2021 Ambassador

It’s the combined effort of all around us to improve the way everyone handles email marketing, and the best practices are applied.

If you need more information about the event, let me know through here or my social media. I’ll connect you with the organizers, or maybe I can have the answer myself. Either way, we’ll help you with your questions.

I would be happy to meet you at the Inbox Expo 2021 event. Deal?