Why You Should Hire an Email Marketing Agency


An Email Marketing Agency has been the all-purpose of sendXmail since the idea’s conception a few years ago. And what a ride it has been.

Back in 2011, when sendXmail started as an Email Marketing Agency, all concept was still abstract or unseen in some markets. It’s awkward since Email Marketing has been the primary direct marketing strategy since the beginning of the internet. The task is part of digital marketing agencies under their service package until then.

Since then, things have evolved, and for a few years now, brands are finally turning to specialized Email Marketing Agencies to help them thrive in that space.

But why do you need an Email Marketing Agency? That’s what you’ll learn from this article today.

What makes you hire an Email Marketing Agency

Email is as easy to use and understand as the very basics of the internet. When you learn to navigate the internet, one of the first things you also determine is sending and receiving email communications. It means that almost everyone can send and receive an email. That’s what makes it so powerful as a communication channel.

Email Marketing is more complex than it looks.

When we’re talking about email marketing, it also seems easy enough. Maybe the main difference is the number of emails sent in just one click. Well, until you decided that you needed help.

For a long time and even today, in some cases, if you prepare a decent email message and send it to a subscribers list, you’ll get results. That’s the good and the bad of email marketing. It’s so cheap and powerful that it can generate money even when it’s done wrong. Otherwise, spam wouldn’t exist.

You’re not optimizing your earnings.

What makes you think of hiring an Email Marketing Agency now? It’s because you understand that you’re leaving a great deal of money on the table. Even worse, you might be hurting your brand when you’re doing it wrong.

If you have a decent ROI (Return on Investment) when you’re doing it as best as you can, imagine what a professional with years of experience will do? Did you know that Email Marketing represents a return of $42 for every dollar spent? In just one year (2018-2019), it increased from $38 to $42 gain. Are you getting this kind of ROI?

Defocus from your business.

While you’re trying to grow your business, handling your brand’s communication strategy can be a huge roadblock.

Having a consistent email marketing communication strategy is time-consuming, and it takes a lot of resources to do it right. From design to copywriting or platform management, there are many things to handle and be able to send a newsletter.

You’re “hurting” your brand.

Sending newsletters and email messages with bugs or misconfigurations within specific devices will hurt your brand. You know when you have a business site, and the company email is a generic Gmail account? What do you feel about the brand then? That it’s not professional, right?

The same happens when you’re blasting emails (we hate this expression) without a relevant connection to the subscriber. Or when your message reaches a mobile device with a desktop version. People won’t read it properly, and your brand will have a severe hit as a reputable source.

This attention to detail is critical to developing a sustainable and consistent brand image for your audience.

Accountability and Audit

How can you know that you’re doing it the right way? Which are the benchmarks from where you can measure your results? Spinning the clogs to say that you’re doing email marketing is not an effective way to do it. It would be best to base your progress and improvements against a credible stack of metrics.

Having a third party to audit your results and point out reasonable goals is key to sustainable improvements.

Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency.

Now it’s that time when we say that hiring a Full-Service Email Marketing Agency will solve all your issues. Ready? 😉 Not quite.

What asking for help might do to your email marketing needs is improve all your goals. However, it’s not a bulletproof solution for all.

Check the reasons below for which it makes sense to hire an email marketing agency.

The virtuous cycle.

It’s not only money you’re not generating from your sales, leads or services. It’s what we call a virtuous cycle. When you’re delivering something that your subscribers will love, they’ll engage and perform better. If they engage better, you will also improve deliverability and technical issues. If you’re delivering your best content and service to your subscribers, you’ll delight them, which will generate more attraction and “word-of-mouth”.

This virtuous cycle for email marketing has its base on the notorious flywheel concept that you can find here.

Virtuous Email Marketing Cycle

It’s cheaper than hiring a team.

You could argue that you can do email marketing with your in-house team, and you can. We advocate that you have an in-house team to manage all your marketing communication and strategy. The problem is that you rarely have professionals who can cover every channel and platform the right way.

At sendXmail, we give consultancy and training to brands’ in-house teams to excel with email marketing.

But usually, clients choose to hire an Email Marketing Agency due to pure financial rationality. It’s cheaper to book an agency instead of hiring one or two people, if not more. Even if you don’t want to hire but capacitate your current marketing team to do it right, it’s hard to be excellent in every marketing channel. The result would be subprime.

The Email Marketing Agency pays for itself.

Like any other provider, if you’re not making a return on the investment, you wouldn’t keep the service. It’s that simple.

If an Email Marketing Agency isn’t getting enough money to pay the service and give a significant return after a sensible timeframe, it’s not the right solution for you. At the end of the day, it’s always a matter of doing the math.

The hard truths.

A good Email Marketing Agency will speak the hard truths. Only saying what the client wants to hear will derail fast in the future.

The reason to hire professionals is to be able to use their experience to accomplish a different result. A good agency will speak the truth and uncover what you need to change to get the results you crave.


Yes, that’s what you’re hiring. If you already knew how to do it, you wouldn’t need to hire an email marketing agency. These professionals have years of experience in this channel. You’re hiring the work, but mainly the experience and know-how gathered among millions of email messages sent regularly.

Even when you have your email marketing under your current digital marketing agency, expertise is a beautiful thing. You can’t have that on a team that does a lot of other channels as well.

Full fledge email marketing solution.

To do this correctly, you need to tackle a lot of situations. From the technical side, get the best deliverability, design, copywriting, and performance – not overlooking the most important thing yet: strategy.

To overlook just one of these can severely impact your results. With an email marketing agency, you can access entire teams that handle each of your different needs. People specialized in each of these issues.

Or you can hire per service. Imagine that you already have the copywriting and strategy defined. You need assistance in implementing everything into a powerful and oiled machine to interact one-to-one with your audience — we will set a tailored service designed according to this specific need.

Don’t wait any longer to give the best value to your audience and make them love your brand.

You should take this decision seriously.

There’s a good chance that you don’t know how hard it is to migrate from one platform to another without losing most of the history and sender reputation.

When you’re using a particular platform, whatever it may be, you’re building a sender reputation under the mix of IP, email address and DNS certifications. Email Service Providers like Gmail, Hotmail (Outlook), Yahoo, among others, will check your sender’s reputation before delivering your email message to their users.

When you change platform, you start with a brand new IP address, servers and certifications. By all means, it’s almost like starting over, which might not be too bad if you already had a bad or nonexistent sender reputation. However, when you have already built a reliable email sender reputation and you’re changing email-sender platforms, it can dramatically affect your deliverability.

We’re not saying you need to stick to your present email-sender solution. You just need to understand the risks and the costs of changing platforms all the time until you find the one that fills in your goals.

That’s why you should choose this carefully and rely on experienced professionals to recommend the best solution. Not only for your current status but, above all, for what your email marketing strategy foresees that you’ll need in the future.

Now that you already know why you should hire an email marketing agency, what are your thoughts? Fortunately, we have full-service and custom-tailored services in email marketing and automation. Make use of the best digital marketing channel in your stack.

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