Marketing Automation as the Ultimate Storytelling machine


When you think about Marketing Automation, you think of bots, cold-hearted machines that try to substitute humans. Is it close to the truth?

At sendXmail, we don’t believe so. For one simple reason; marketing automation does what we (humans) say it does.

Better yet, Marketing Automation is the ultimate storytelling helper to deliver the most emotional response.

Let’s not wait any longer to explain.

Marketing Automation is a Storytelling Enabler

First, let’s explain what storytelling is.

We can consensually describe storytelling as an art form. It’s the craftsman’s creativity, vision and skill. The best storytellers of the world bring massive value to their end game.

Good storytelling uses a narrative based on facts to communicate an idea angle to a defined audience. Too complicated? Let’s explain it better, shall we?

In simpler terms, we all tell stories. It’s the most entertaining and effective way to pass a message beyond cultures or even generations from the beginning of time. How many stories do you tell, passed along by your family?

If we tell just the facts, people won’t remember. If we tell facts in an entertaining, emotional and engaging way, they will.

Marketing Automation Working with Storytelling

Storytelling in business is the art of delivering a compelling message to your audience that resonates with their beliefs, emotions, and desires, helping them choose your brand over others.

It’s a constant iteration, trying and error, never-ending improvement. Having said that, having a multi-channel coordinated way to engage in a conversation with our audience is the storyteller’s dream.

Usually, the storyteller needs to imagine how each persona feels or thinks when they read a part of the story. For instance, when they reach a Landing Page.

Marketing Automation can clearly see how the message reaches each person according to the flow. It allows a level of storytelling only possible with a person-to-person experience.

Because you can now elaborate your story according to the step that one particular potential client is.

Marketing Automation allows Dynamic Storytelling.

Instead of creating one story, you can now elaborate on never-ending dynamic endings. It’s up to each potential client to define their choices and paths. According to each selection, the story can evolve. Become more intimate, authentic and engaging.

Do you remember those fiction books where the story evolved and the end, depending on the choice you take after each chapter? You can do this with Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation is not a cold-hearted bot. It’s a vessel for your message to an audience in a very personalised way.

Marketing Automation is not a cold-hearted bot
Marketing Automation is not a cold-hearted bot

Your best storyteller will create a world where your audience will live on when in touch with your brand. It can create an emotion, an intangible feeling when they face your brand.

That’s the power of storytelling, and that’s the power that Marketing Automation has brought to the equation.

Are you ready to take advantage of Marketing Automation with Storytelling?

If you’re already thinking about a complex net of intricate technology and implementations, forget about it. It’s the same process as a writer does when writing a book. Collect the facts, find the right angle for the story, and build the narrative depending on each character.

Marketing Automation comes as the perfect way to deliver snippets of that narrative at the right time for each potential customer.

If you’re still struggling with Marketing Automation, get in touch with the sendXmail team. The best part of Marketing Automation is not technology; it is storytelling.

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