Welcome Series Template – E-Commerce Edition


There aren’t perfect formulas that work in every scenario, but this Welcome Series Template can jumpstart your welcome automation by applying some of these triggers and flows.

We designed the template you can download and follow here for E-commerce everyday needs and flows, which may not apply to your specific case.

However, if you find that it can be helpful to have a possible template for your industry or need, please get in touch and let us know.

We’ll be glad to produce a similar template with your goal in sight.

Welcome Series Template Disclaimer

This template is free to help you initiate a welcome series for your e-commerce store.

Like any other template, it may not work for your case since there are no bullet-proof formulas.

Having said that, it has worked for most of our clients, giving or taking a few more flows and iterations.

You may use it at your own discretion and risk.

How to Apply this Welcome Series Template

Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to apply an automated welcome series template to your e-commerce store.

1. Assessment of the Current Status

These are the questions that need an answer before applying this template:

  • What was the message that got them sign-up?
  • What was the source before signing up?
  • Would you happen to know if the subscription involved an offer?
  • Do they already know your brand’s values and purpose?
  • What’s the data you have when they sign-up?

The answer to all these questions will provide the insights needed to prepare the flows and content of those automated flows.

2. Strategy to Apply the Welcome Series

Now that you have all the data, it’s time to elaborate on your goals and strategy:

  • What’s the purpose of this welcome series?
  • What are the KPIs you want to monitor?
  • What are the emotions you want to transmit?
  • What are the tools at your disposal to make it happen?
  • How to make them feel welcome and appreciated?
  • How to personalise their experience?

After you collect all the data you need with the previous step, write down your plan and define goals, tactics and how to apply them.

3. Creation of the Welcome Series

It’s time to start creating all the sequences and flows according to your answers to the previous questions.

  • Elaborate your messages and flows according to the sequences needed to accomplish your strategy;
  • Make it as timeless and evergreen as possible;
  • Imagine the dynamic content according to your software tools;
  • Make sure everything follows your brand tone of voice and guidelines.

This is when you start doing it. There are some examples and suggestions of flows next.

4. Examples of Welcome Series

Example of a Welcome Series Template
Example of a Welcome Series Template

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5. Important Notes about the Welcome Series

It’s imperative to make an A/B test for each email flow before settling on a winner set.

  • These emails shouldn’t be salesy;
  • This is the chance you have to tell your audience why they should choose your brand over the competition;
  • Values, purpose and brand ethics are critical to showcasing for a better understanding of what makes you different.

6. A Few Examples of Welcome Series to Apply

It always depends on your brand’s goals and tone of voice and strategy; you name it.

  1. A welcome email with a voucher code for the 1st purchase, an explanation of how easy and safe it is to buy from you and, if possible, a dynamic block with some of the products they have seen in particular;
  2. A second welcome email is sent by your founder or marketing manager in charge of the email channel, expressing what they can expect from your brand and reinforcing what’s in it for them;
  3. A third welcome email reflects the brand’s commitment, cares about all production lines and sustainability, and provides a few genuine reviews.


We certainly hope you can find it helpful. If you need something more relatable with your industry or market, please get in touch as let us know.