We Support Ukraine


We Stand with Ukraine; therefore, We Support Ukraine!

This could be the entire post. Saying that would be enough when all around us seem to be in a consensus that this war couldn’t happen today.

Yet, it’s happening, and we can’t close our eyes and pretend differently.

When the news started coming in, the team started chatting about what seemed to be only a sign of strength from Russia, but they would rapidly dismiss it in negotiations between both parties.

It was not the case.

The first thing we discussed was what could we do about it?

After exploring several ideas, these actions had total consensus by the entire team.

We Support Ukraine

First, we clarify that our company, people, and hearts stand with the Ukrainian people.

Second, actions speak louder than words. Check the Stand with Ukraine page to learn more, but here are a few things we activated:

  • We’ve suspended all ties with Russia;

    Since February 23rd, we have suspended all contractors, clients, suppliers and technology providers based in Russia or privately owned by Russian nationals.

    To our surprise, they have all understood the circumstances and are sorry for what’s happening right now.

  • We choose Ukrainian Professionals first;

    For every new work demand that we need to hire third parties or freelancers, we’ll check our list of Ukrainian contractors before any other option.

    If there’s work, they’ll get it first.

  • We offer free services for Ukrainian businesses.

    We’ll provide free email marketing and marketing automation services to all Ukrainian businesses in need with every bit of capacity our time has.

More contributions are being made individually by each team member to help the victims of this conflict.

Let’s hope we can make a tiny difference, and we’re all hoping for this insane war to come to a stop in the future.

Email Community for Ukraine

sendXmail is also joining in with the unity of the email community for Ukraine. If you work with Email Marketing or Marketing Automation and want to join in, check this page.

All of us together may have a positive impact. At least, it can provide more strength than solo initiatives.