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What could make more sense for an email marketing and automation agency than a newsletter?

Yes, it’s obvious. But to do a newsletter just for the sake of having one is not what we recommend to any of our customers, so why should we do it differently?

A few months ago, we experimented with serving two newsletters. One was a monthly version and completely free. The other was a weekly PAID version. Yes, it’s not a typo! You can read it all about here.

The funny thing is that the paid version was our best lead generation channel ever. Every single one of our paid subscribers asked for a quote. That’s an insane 100% conversion rate.

Now, we only have one FREE version.

Why is that since our paid version was doing so great?

Because the newsletter also has a significant role in our demand gen strategy. Also, our business is not to have paid subscribers. It’s to help businesses thrive in email marketing and marketing automation.

Email Marketing and Automation Newsletter without BS.

Please, “pardon our french” but this is what you’re going to get if you subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Every Monday, you’ll start the week with:

And it’s all for FREE. We used to charge 76€ a year for this very same content that we opened now for anyone to subscribe.

The goal stays the same.

Learn from what has worked or not with others experiences to make decisions or experiments of your own.

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