Email Marketing Audit

Full Audit Report covering more than 300 relevant criteria points

Have an independent external player with extensive experience to check your current Email Marketing status through more than 300 criteria over 6 main variable groups.


Email Marketing Audit Report


Imagine that it was possible to have a report where there’ll be pointed every single detected situation within your Email Marketing channel, with immediate solution and/or what you should do to correct it.

You can stop imagining it because it’s real, and it’s here.

If you’re concerned about not understanding eventual technical expression, don’t worry.

You’ll get a step-by-step guide in visual walkthrough or a video tutorial on how to solve it.

6 Main Groups

Sender Authentication

Sender Reputation

Database Hygiene

Email Design & Structure

Best Practices & Benchmarks

Priority Evolution Checklist

Main Criteria Groups Described

Below is a short explanation with a better scope at each leading group of criteria addressed.

More than 300 criteria touchpoints will be scanned, analysed and studied over 6 main groups.

One of the main reasons for poor deliverability is that your email platforms are sending emails without proper sender authentication.

There are four main authentication procedures that every email sender should implement.

SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI are the most sender authentication industry standards, and we’ll make sure that your sender covers the key ones.

You’re sending emails, but it seems that nobody is reading them.

What appears to be the problem? Sometimes, the problem is both technical and strategic.

Your sender reputation is how your emails are treated and received by the main ESPs (Email Service Providers) like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

If you have a bad sender reputation, you’re sending emails to the void.

To avoid this, we need to assess what’s happening to your emails and how ESPs are scoring them. If we find a problem, we will describe it in the report along with possible solutions.

As the name states, this group of things to check is all about your email list health and clean up procedures.

To keep an excellent sender reputation, it’s essential to get rid of dormant or inactive subscribers and identify the possible causes for that to happen.

The audit will check your list health and identify potential threats to your sender reputation and engagement.


Tested and proven best practices in design for your emails to convert with higher performance.

Does it work on mobile? Does it work with your major Email Service Providers within your email list?

That’s part of the things we’ll analyse to the full extent.

It’s essential to see how your email marketing strategy compares with the industry benchmark.

This report will provide a guide on how to improve all your tactics and features to beat the industry benchmarks and create your own.

Best practices exist for a reason. It’s like a manual of what’s universal to work better for your email marketing.

Finally but not least, you’re going to get an evolution checklist based on priorities.

It’s important to have a checklist of what you can do to improve your email marketing strategy.

It’s even better when it’s made by priority because you can leverage your efforts to scale quicker and avoid taking steps that don’t impact your growth momentum positively.


Email Marketing Audit

Have an independent external player with great experience to check your current Email Marketing status and identify where you can improve by order of priority.