Marketing Automation Audit

Full Audit Report covering more than 500 relevant criteria points

Have an independent external player with extensive experience to check your current Marketing Automation status through more than 500 criteria over 6 main variable groups.

Marketing Automation Audit


Imagine that it was possible to have a report where there’ll be pointed every single detected situation within your Marketing Automation flows or triggers, with immediate solution and/or what you should do to correct it.

You can stop imagining it because it’s real, and it’s here.

If you’re concerned about not understanding eventual technical expression, don’t worry.

You’ll get a step-by-step guide in visual walkthrough or a video tutorial on how to solve it.

6 Main Groups

Tool Integration

Customer Journeys

Content Checkup

Context Evaluation

Best Practices & Benchmarks

Priority Evolution Checklist

Main Criteria Groups Described

Below is a short explanation with a better scope at each leading group of criteria addressed.

More than 500 criteria touchpoints will be scanned, analysed and studied over 6 main groups.

The main advantage of powerful marketing automation, besides being able to scale your personalised experience, is by connecting several tools and channels.

We’ll make sure every tool and channel is well connected and “talking” to each other in order to accomplish your omnichannel personal experience.

Every marketing automation flow is basically a customer journey to nurture.

It’s important to understand what journeys have a positive impact and which of those need some extra care.

In this group, your entire flows and triggers will be verified and determined if there is an unexpected crossing between messages you didn’t realise yet.

Also, you’ll have a few suggestions of additional triggers and flows that you’re not activating and could be a missed opportunity.

To have an independent view over your content production for your marketing automation journeys is exactly what the “doctor ordered”.

Our audience might not understand what we’re communicating when we’re too overwhelmed by our brand’s tone of voice and industry jargon.

Not only that, with marketing automation journeys is very important to build evergreen messaging. For example, we may use certain mentions to things that are relevant within a certain period but totally irrelevant a few years time.

Additionally, we will screen your content on how personal it can be against the data you have about your customers or audience.

To be relevant for your audience, context is everything.

What’s excellent messaging today can be damaging or an insult tomorrow. To give you an example, talking about how lovely it would be to be on a beach reading a book may seem fine until we enter a pandemic and everyone needs to be locked inside.

The context can change quickly due to political, environmental, health or natural disasters, to name a few causes.

It’s important to check up on your flows and triggers to make sure they are still relevant today or tomorrow based on what’s happening around your audience.

It’s essential to see how your marketing automation strategy compares with the industry benchmark.

This report will provide a guide on how to improve all your tactics and features to beat the industry benchmarks and create your own.

Best practices exist for a reason. It’s like a manual of what’s universal to work better for your marketing automation.

Finally but not least, you’re going to get an evolution checklist based on priorities.

It’s important to have a checklist of what you can do to improve your marketing automation strategy.

It’s even better when it’s made by priority because you can leverage your efforts to scale quicker and avoid taking steps that don’t impact your growth momentum positively.


Marketing Automation Audit

Have an independent external player with great experience to check your current Marketing Automation status and identify where you can improve by order of priority.