Consultancy Solution

Email Marketing & Automation Consultancy Solution

We can help your team get the results you need with personalised consultancy on Email Marketing and Automation.

Consultancy Solution


Unless you have a business entirely on email marketing and marketing automation as we have, it will be pretty difficult for your team to have the necessary knowledge to take advantage of all channels best practices.

That’s where our consultancy solution comes to your rescue. sendXmail becomes your team’s best friend to accomplish your goals.

email marketing and automation audit

Email Marketing and Automation Audit

To make sure that your email marketing and automation tactics are on point with your goals, having a personalised audit is one way to find out what’s missing out.

sendXmail‘s team will check over 160 touchpoints of your email marketing and automation processes to identify where you can extract more results.

It’s not about pointing fingers. It’s to identify where you can take giant leapfrogs with the least effort to generate a better investment return.

(RMR) Regular Email Marketing and Automation Monitoring Reviews

The RMR (Regular Monitoring Reviews) is one of our clients’ favourites because it gives a roadmap from what you accomplished previously to where you want to focus now.

It works on specific business periods. Most of our clients prefer the quarterly review since it matches their business periods. Still, it can be annually, monthly or even bi-monthly if that’s what your business needs.

The RMR checks your email marketing and automation results over that period and identifies priorities your team should address to improve the metrics overall.

Tailor Made Consultancy

Personalised Tailor-made Email Marketing and Automation Consultancy

There’s something in particular that you need assistance with to improve your email marketing and automation? We got you covered.

Tell us more about your needs and problems, and we will design a tailor-made consultancy to solve them.

No email marketing and automation problem is too big or too small for the sendXmail‘s team.