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Email Marketing & Automation List Growth Solution

Increase your audience with our list growth solution in channels like Email, SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Retargeting permissions, and so many others.
List Growth


Your Email Marketing and Automation Lists are not growing as fast as you expected?

Increasing your list is not that hard. It’s a matter of communication and ad investment.

What is really hard is to make sure that most people who subscribe are our target audience—real potential clients.

That’s where sendXmail Email Marketing and Automation List Growth Solution comes to play.

Find the right audience

It’s a massive waste of money to spread your communication and gather people that will not buy into your product or service.

Focus on communicating to the right audience. The ones that will enjoy your email newsletters and the automation that you will design for them.

It will benefit everyone, especially your budget.

Deliver great content

Now, you need to grab their attention. The right way to achieve that is with great content. Make them feel wowed.

If your audience is surprised with fantastic content relevant to their interests, it would be easier to subscribe.

Be consistent and relevant, delivering quality content.

Content Production

Make it easy to subscribe

Now that you have their attention and they’re willing to engage with your brand, it’s time to make the subscribing process easy.

Make sure that you have the proper forms to convert everyone who wants to know more about your brand with the necessary UX and UI in place.

Most brands fail at this step. We’ll make sure that with our List Growth Solution, you’ll be with top conversions.

Delight them to get referrals

You must have heard about the term “viral marketing”, right? Don’t worry; it has nothing to do with the pandemic virus. It’s what people call mouth-to-mouth marketing or referral marketing. There are many names for it.

The bottom line is what we like our fans to do. Spread our brand to their immediate social circle. To do that, they must already love your content to be comfortable suggesting it to someone they care about.

sendXmail’s List Growth Solution can help you achieve just that.

Referral Marketing