Performance Design Solution

Email Marketing & Automation Performance Design & Deliverability Solution

Get the full performance of the best ROI digital channels while providing best in class experiences to your audience.

Performance Design Deliverability Solution


You might be happy when you click the send button. 

Emails are sent, your bounce rates are really low, and complaints are almost non-existent. Congratulations!

What if we tell you that your email is not even delivered to your subscriber’s inbox most of the time? It’s filtered away, or they don’t open it in the first place?

It means that most of your emails and effort are wasted. Avoid that by including a performance design and deliverability focus with your email marketing and automation.

Email Marketing and Automation Performance Solution

Email Marketing and Automation Performance Solution

Depending on your goals, which may vary from a branding perspective or a conversion variant like lead generation, or online sales, you can apply performance to each email you send.

Performance is to get better than before to achieve the goals you’ve set. 

With this email marketing and automation performance solution, you’ll have an experienced partner developing millions of messages that outperform every single time. 

It’s not only going to be delivered, but your audience will open and engage with your messages according to your goals.

Email Marketing and Automation Performance Design

Let’s face it. 

Design goes hand in hand with great copywriting. When both work together to accomplish your goals, it’s like having a superpower.

So what’s in performance design any different?

Performance design uses both copywriting with proven and tested design insights built-in friendly HTML code that will perfectly render in any device.

It’s not only to look good. It needs to perform and work perfectly to get results.

A simple change in a call-to-action can represent above 30x results between two message variations. For your business, it can represent serious revenue.

Performance Design Solution
Deliverability Solution

Email Marketing and Automation Deliverability Solution

In case you’re wondering what deliverability means when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation, let’s simplify it this way:

Deliverability is the science of actually getting your message in front of your audience’s reach.

You can have zero bounces, and everything in your email marketing platform is telling you all your emails were delivered —yet, your audience might not be able to get them.

Why? Because it was filtered by their Email Service Provider, a spam filter or other algorithms defined your email as non-important. 

The Email Marketing and Automation Deliverability Solution will check your deliverability status, discover potential risks and give you a clear picture of what you need to do to reach your audience’s inbox.