Tool Integrations Solution

Email Marketing & Automation Tool Integrations Solution

Seamlessly integrate all your digital channels to create a connected flow of communication with your audience.

Tool Integrations Solution


There’s no excuse to still have digital channels disconnected from each other at this time and age.

If you want to deliver a unique and personalised experience to your audience, it’s imperative to have all your channels and data hubs connected. That’s what will provide enough insights over a particular person to be able to send them relevant messages.

If you’re struggling to have everything connected the right way, here’s the solution for you. We integrate EVERYTHING you use as a communication channel with your central hub or databases as long as they have support or APIs available, of course.

No more data draining between the cracks.

Multi-Channel Tools Integration

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Integration

Seamlessly integrate your other channels to create a connected flow of communication with your audience.

Now, you’ll be able to attend to each customer stage of communication between all your channels instead of the usual mismatched level of messaging when they approach your brand in distinct ways.

Your marketing automation recipe will have multiple triggers or touchpoints that will adequate the best answer to each context.

In the end, you’ll be sending more relevant messages.

Data Collectors and Touchpoints Integration Solution

In our own research to 5.578 companies surveyed, 86,43% of them don’t have all their digital properties touchpoints integrated with their data collection hubs.

It’s a staggering number, and your brand can very well be one of them.

Your brain registers your daily experiences through your senses and acts upon those experiences. 

It’s somewhat identical to what this solution does. We connect your “senses” in the form of digital channels —website, landing pages, emails, messaging, etc.— with your “brain” in the form of CRM, ERP or data hub.